[Rumors] Snapdragon 830 Supports Up to 8 Gigabytes RAM

Processing power of smart devices is increasing yearly. Now they said that the new Snapdragon proccesor will be support 8 gigabytes of RAM. It's the biggest one yet, after Snapdragon that can support 4 gigabytes of RAM.
This theory comes from Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, who also reassures us that Qualcomm's next generation chip will be have a model designation "MSM8998".

The big size of the RAM is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the program when it turns into a desktop computer. Some early reviews of the Lumia 950 shows Continuum of 3 gigabyte of RAM is not enough to ensure continuity. Smart devices with 4 gigabytes of RAM comes into existence this year. No surprise if the device with 8 gigabytes of RAM will enter the market soon.

Source: gforgames

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