Travel Tips That Will Help Your Vacation In Seoul, Korea

#1 Change currencies to Korean Won before to Korea

Many travelers I met propose to change money into Korean Won. True enough, they said, not all money changer in Korea receive other currency for exchange.
Instead, change it before going to Korea, so no need to find a money changer and focus on your vacation and shopping.

#2 Know that the cost of living in South Korea is quite high.

Seoul among the cities with the highest cost of living in the world. Even now easy to get tickets to Seoul at low prices, it does not mean that the cost of a holiday here as cheap airline tickets we can.

Many travelers also assume that we found prices here are about the same as China. The cost of shopping here can be said to be many times higher than other country.

For example, if you ride public transportation such as subway or bus, you will be charged ₩1200 ($1) for a ride. ₩100 will be increased by a certain distance that you are going through.

In addition, the average price for a meal at a restaurant is ₩8,000 ($5). That does not include side dishes such as side dish and a drink.

Therefore, bring own foods one way to save the cost of eating during the holidays. For other items, such as clothing, accessories and so on, it depends on the place and store.

#3 Learn basic Korea language

If you know basic Korean language, is very helpful. Koreans are very proud of their language.

They will speak Korean with you as they are sure that you understand their language. Not many Koreans who tried to speak English with the exception of a traveler visiting tourists, the Tourist Center or airport.

Therefore, if you know basic Korean, is enough for you to survive in Korea.

Example of basic Korean language:

Annyeong-haseyo (안녕하세요) : Hello?
Olma-yeyo (얼마예요) : How much?
Odi-yeyo (어디예요) : Where?
Sigan (시간) : Time
Cihacheol (지하철) : Subway
Wen-cheok (왼쪽) : Left
Oreun-cheok (오른쪽) : Right
Hana(하나) : One (1)
Tul(둘) : Two (2)
Set(셋) : Three (3)
Net(넷) : Four (4)
Tasot(다섯) : Five (5)
Chon-won(천원) : 1000won
i-chon-won(이천원) : 2000won
sam-chon-won(삼천원) : 3000won
o-chon-won(오천원) : 5000won
Man-won(만원) : 10,000won

#4 Ensure accommodation in a strategic location

When you are looking for a suitable location, make sure the location of your hotel/guesthouse you book located in the right area. There are some areas that are a popular tourist attraction that has its own characteristics and advantages.

Myeongdong: This area is a shopping mall at the center of the traveler. Because there is a night market here, the area is quite happening and 'alive' at night.

If you stay in this area, you not just spend time in a room alone, you can take advantage of vacation time to walk around the night market in Myeongdong.

Itaewon: The area is a location of choice for the Muslim traveler because there a Mosque at this area and a lot of halal restaurants.

Availability of halal food are among the reasons why the Itaewon district made the traveler a choice of accommodation. Although there are many restaurants in Itaewon halal especially Pakistan and Turkey, but there are many bars and nightclubs also at this area.

Every night, especially on weekends, Itaewon be flooded with Koreans and foreign tourists who come to watch and relax at the bar. This area may not be suitable for your family holiday and have young children.

Jongno: There are many cheap hotels and guesthouses in this area. Jongno is an area that is not too noisy and more quieter.

Its location is near tourist attractions such as Insadong, Gyeongbuk Palace and Cheonggyecheon Stream Jongno make the choice between the traveler to find accommodations.

#5 Understand subway map

There are more than 10 subway line that connects the main areas in Seoul. Just ride the subway, you can visit many tourist attractions in Seoul and its surrounding areas.

Things that you need to know is to understand the subway map and directions to your destination.

It might be easy for you to read a subway map. For example somewhere to Myeongdong from Itaewon, you have to know which station you need to go up and you change the station to the next in line subway station where you have to go down.

Most of the traveler very discerning with a subway map reading techniques, also with the help of smartphone apps that make it easier to choose the line where you have to go.

But, many of which have reached the station you want to, but lost in the station because some station which has many exits.

Every exit will lead you to a different place. Subway station is high and storied underground may confuse you. Therefore, apart from the station know where you need to go down, it is important that if you know where you need to exit.

#6 Cheapest shopping place in Seoul

As an traveler, shopping is a must!. There are some best shopping port that you can go. If you are shopping here, certainly worth for money.

Myeongdong: For the traveler who is looking for cosmetics, skin care and branded goods, this place should be your aim.

Hundreds of cosmetic boutique and designer items available. Sure you spoiled after seeing the sign board 'sale' they display.

Namdaemun Market: This market is port shopping to buy souvenirs Of the key chain, t-shirt I love Korea up to the leather goods are sold here at a reasonable price.

Gwanjang Market: For those who love fabric items, Gwanjang Market is definitely a place you like the most. This market is a fabric wholesaler especially cotton and silk in the Korean city of Seoul. Prices are not too expensive and affordable, as well as a great selection.

#7 Take the hotel business card with you anywhere.

Language of the major problems when it comes to Korean tourists. Fate is not always good. You might get lost and do not know how to go back to the hotel.

This method can help you to return to the hotel safely. In Seoul, you will have no problem getting a taxi service. Every taxi in Seoul will include a GPS system.

Although not all drivers know English, with their business card accommodation, taxi drivers will enter the address in the GPS and easy for them to send you straight to your accommodation.

All drivers in Korea using meter and the probability for you to meet with taxi drivers who cheat are rarely.

There are several types of drivers available in Seoul. Regular cab orange and silver. Rate taxi meter starts from 3000 Won. Apart from the two types of drivers, there are also executive tourists taxi black color.

The meter level used by drivers is more expensive than regular taxis. Therefore, travelers are advised to use taxis colored orange and silver as a cheaper rate meter.

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