2 Easy Tips to Speed Up Blog Loading

This time, I want to give two tips easiest way to speed up loading blog. Some may have read about tips that I will share this, especially those who regularly participate in relevant blogger contest SEO contests.

2 Easy Tips to Speed Up Blog Loading Speed

Blog loading fast is the key to ensuring blog post and our blog is SEO friendly. It is not only important to the search engines, but also visitors and readers. I used to say that the blog must be fully accessible in less than 5 seconds, before the 10 seconds. But more recently, some experts say that blog loading should open in 3 seconds - in proportion to the speed of Internet access respectively.

For blogger blogspot, it may be a problem since most blog using external javascript which were among the causes for slow loading blog. The use of external widgets that are too much like recent comments, entries by tag, related post widget is among the contributors problems are difficult to blog full-view under 3 seconds.

Among the easiest way to enable faster blog loading is to ensure free space in HTML or coding blog minimized. Each widget javascript and CSS external (design codes) of its own. There needs to be written in HTML blogspot itself, or simply put the code through HTML/Javascript via the Add Widget.

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So, I suggest you to use two techniques to minimize the effects of the use of existing widgets javascript and CSS that causing blog slow to load.

Compress Javascript code

The easiest way is to use Minify Javascript Online. All you need to do is to copy the javascript code available, and then compressed into a compact code as shown below.

You just need to go to the website, copy and paste the javascript code that is in HTML and put it on your blogspot top Copy and Paste Javascript Code. Press the button Compress Javascript available, and you will get a javascript code which is compressed at the output. Copy the code and replace it with the old javascript code.

Compress CSS code

After Complete changing javascript codes earlier, then do the same thing again for CSS code by using the services of CSS Compressor. Examples are shown below.

See how I have been saving 'bandwidth' of 16% just by making the CSS code that I have compressed by removing empty space between the codes.

Among the other way is to put the javascript code directly into the HTML. If the javascript code used is not too long, i suggest you put it at the top before the closing HTML body.

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Good luck

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