Apple Currently Develop Beats Wireless Earphones for iPhone 7 Without Audio Jack

Some reports earlier said that Apple will soon not include audio jacks on their upcoming iPhone 7. These things cause different reactions among fans of Apple products. Finally, the new report also said Apple was preparing to attend a special accessory for the iPhone, which is a Beats headphones without wires a bit like the Moto Hint.

Apple had previously rumors that they will not include support for audio jacks on their upcoming smartphones, but will require user to connect earphones through ligtning connection or via Bluetooth. This will making the phones remain thin and allows Apple to try something different or something new.

Apple is now said to be in a new phase of development under the Beats headphones (audio company that was taken over by them before). Through it, Apple is said to be currently developing wireless headphones more or less like Moto Hint, allowing users to listen to a song, answer a call, and is likely to activate Siri.

The new earphones will require charging using a special case and not using any special cables such as Beats nowadays.

Apple often introduce their new smartphone around September or October. The same thing is expected to remain at this year, and for now, Apple is said to be currently testing three different designs for their devices.

Source: 9TO5MAC

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