Computer Games Piracy Probably Extinct Within Two Years

Bad news here is not everyone is lucky as we are. Another bad news is for those of you who still need piracy game for "free" to be downloaded may be extinct within the next two years. This is because computer games newly released now getting harder to be hacked.
Denuvo DRM system used by the new game like Just Cause 3 and FIFA17 seems impossible to be hacked. This makes the hacker group 3DM game based in China giving a statement that pirated games may be extinct within the next two years.

3DM founder of the Phoenix made acknowledgment in the case Just Cause 3, they repeatedly failed to produce a cracked for this game. Just Cause 3 has sold more than three months and failure to hacking is considered a great success. Typically a new game will be leaked early and allow them to cracked it within a few days after launching.

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The good news for fans of pirated games is not all manufacturers use Denuvo DRM system. For an example, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood games from Ubisoft have been shared illegally through torrent sites without problems. Further on the world of hackers, the term "DRM system that cannot be hacked" does not exist. They're sure to find weaknesses in the system to allow the software to be pirated.

Source: TorrentFreak

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