Razer Introduces Smart Watch That Looks Like a G-Shock

As a fan of G-Shock watch, I think the Nabu smart watch from Razer looks cool. Razer retains the signature color green and black, this smart watch comes in two versions. One of the more high end (priced at USD $199), another original (priced at USD $149).

High end Smartwatch Nabu emphasizes style "Forged" with black minimalist and rugged designs. While the original edition Nabu Watch has designs on a bright green hour indicator. Both offer function detects the activity, and connectivity with smartphones. Additionally Nabu Watch also comes with social functions such as shake-to-share.

Nabu watch also serve like digital clock

Nabu Watch can also serve as a digital clock like a stopwatch, alarm, countdown and others that you feel there is a digital clock. It can track fitness goals, steps, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep duration, and duration of activity. Razer also provides app for you keep track of all your metrics. For more information visit Razerone.com.

Source: RazerZone

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