Xiaomi Redmi 3 Will Present With 4100mAh Battery Capacity

A few days ago, Xiaomi said it will be launch Redmi 3 officially next week on January 12, 2016. At that time, they said Redmi 3 will come with a metal design and also includes a 5-inch screen size.

Finally, the popular device manufacturers from China was sharing another new teaser image showing Redmi 3 will come with a 4100mAh capacity battery.
Xiaomi also share some other teaser image but it just showing at the back of device where it comes with a metal-based design and with a special pattern.

With this latest teaser, a lot of surprises that await what will be delivered by Xiaomi later about this devices. Most of you might be wanted to own this devices soon because of affordable price given by Xiaomi.

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