List of 10 Richest DoTA player in Malaysia

Currently computer games like DOTA and FIFA can be used as a source of income if you are skilled enough. In Malaysia we have some professional players that has made their debut through this career.

ChuaN and Mushi are two individuals who are the most success players on DotA e-sports DoTA in Malaysia. List of 10 richest DoTA players in Malaysia was announced and magnificent ChuaN topped with revenues reaching RM2.29 million Ringgit last year. This was followed by Mushi at RM1.61 million Ringgit. Their income may seem very lucrative but still behind Peter "ppd" dager which recorded revenue reached RM8.6 million Ringgit last year.

  1. Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan –  $551,353 (RM 2.29 Million)
  2. Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung – $389,131 (RM 1.61 Million)
  3. Chong “Ohaiyo” Xin Khoo – $143,675 (RM 596k)
  4. Lee “KyXy” Kong Yang – $119,171 (RM 494k)
  5. Lim “Net” Wai Pern –  $100,722 (RM 418k)
  6. Joel Chan “Xtinct” Zhan Leong – $90,362 (RM 375k)
  7. Johnny “JoHnNy” Lee – $38,163 (RM 158k)
  8. Fadil “Kecik Imba” Bin Mohd Raziff – $37,948 (RM 157k)
  9. Ng “YamateH” Wei Poong – $36,427 (RM 151k)
  10. Chua “Ice” Chee Cai – $18,088 (RM 75k)

Source: RED BULL

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