(Rumors) Xiaomi Mi 5 Windows 10 Mobile Version will be Produced

According to the latest Microsoft report, only 4.5 million devices with Windows Phone sold in the last quarter of 2015. This is a sharp drop of 57% compared to the same quarter last year. So far approximately 110 million devices running Windows Phone sold since 2011. This is very small compared to the 1.1 Billion Android devices sold during 2015.
While response is not satisfactory, but it does not stop on the producing Xiaomi first Mobile devices with Windows 10. Now heard rumors Xiaomi Mi 5 will come with this operating system. It appearance had been expected since Xiaomi issue ROM Windows 10 Technical Preview for Mi 4 December last year.

The official announcement will be made when the Mi 5 MWC2016 end of this month. The device is certified to be use 810 Snapdragon processor, one processor that supports Continuum on Windows 10 mobile.

Source: Gizmochina

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