Apple Introduced iPhone SE 4-inch Display A9 Chip

Apple today announce their newest phone among the 4-inch size, iPhone SE. It offers the same processing power as the iPhone 6S, and what makes it different is the size of the phone which is now more comfortable in the hands.

Apple iPhone SE provides the same processing power as the iPhone 6s - which is double compared to the iPhone 5s, and three times the graphics power than the iPhone 5s. This was accomplished by using a processing chip A9 and M9 on this smartphone.

For capture an image, it comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera that can capture beautiful pictures, and video recording at 4K resolution. Recording support such as Live Photos also integrated in this smart phone.
Apple also integrates NFC support on this smartphone specifically for the purpose of Apple Pay. Currently, Apple Pay functionality is still limited in some countries only, and is not known yet when Apple will take it into the Malaysian market.

In terms of storage, a little disappointing because Apple still maintains 16GB of storage while many other manufacturers have turned to the basic 32GB storage on their devices. However, maybe this is the method steps Apple in maintaining a low device sales prices and encouraging users to use iCloud from them.

Apple iPhone SE will be sold in over 110 countries before the end of May 2016.

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