HTC 10 Expected to Appear With Super Screen LCD 5 3000mAh Battery

HTC will be introducing their flagship smartphone, known as HTC 10 around the middle of April 2016, and a little info respect have begun attending to the web arena.

HTC 10 is expected to present a high specification like Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5, and a number of other devices on the market. HTC has said it will include the best cameras on their smartphones, and now information on the display screen of the device comes to web arena.
Shared by @evleaks, he said HTC 10 will use Super LCD screen 5. This will allow HTC offers a bright and clear display, and at the same time conserve battery power.

Interm of the battery, HTC 10, said to be equipped with a 3000mAh capacity battery.

Source: @Evleaks

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