This Guy and his Friends Kidnapped and Robbed When Arrives In Vietnam

When we say about travel, all of us will share their happiness, memorable moments and everythings. If your holiday plan not follow up the schedule it will not effect the rest of your plans.

But different has happened to Saiful Bahari and his 4 other friends who have been to Vietnam last month.

Initial plans are the 5 youth travel for 1 week in Vietnam, on February 22 to February 26, 2016.

We arrived in Vietnam at 9 am, Feb 22, 2016. We walked find the hotel and check in at 11am in Ava Two. 2 hours past the break we were out looking for goods and streets until night. - Saiful

According to Saiful is where the chaos begins. Because of fatigue, they have take a taxi and ask to be sent to the hotel. But their fate is not as good as had been kidnapped, robbed and threatened suicide. The following chronology has happened:

Chronology of the case

On February 22, 2016 at 10 o'clock at night me and a friend want to return to the hotel. Our taxi driver was kidnapped and taken to an unknown place. There were 6 people Vietnam people waiting to rob us.

We have held and taken to a 4-storey building. We were placed in one room. They have ransacked a bag, wallet and body to get valuable items such as money, mobile phones and watches.

During the event we cannot do anything because they treated us with pistol and knife. After that, they threatened to kill us after we told that we are student (the tricks we try to get their sympathy even though we're actually working).

We has been put in a vehicle those drivers who posed to be brought to an unknown place. When asked to let us out, the driver is determined to not let us out from that vehicle. In fact we have been scolded. Fate on our side when vehicle in front of us has stopped and we can escape.

When we get chased, we successfully arrived at hotel and hide. We also find a way to inform those who we believed. At that time, money, smartphone already gone (has been robbed by 6 Vietnamese). But, one of my friend smartphone still saves in his hand and we start calling our family members in Malaysia.

While at the hotel our situation uncontrollable because too scared and traumatized. We asked the hotel reception to ask for a passport held by the hotel but we were too afraid and i cannot trust anyone anymore, even though we tried to stay calm.

We hunted up to the hotel until 1am on Feb 23, 2016. While hiding in the room we heard they got into the attic above our room. At that time we do quietly out of the room and continue to lobby. Originally want to ask our hotel to get a taxi but the movements and appearance receptionist at the hotel for us suspiciously.

We are determined to hold a taxi outside the hotel and could miss up to the airport. Time in a taxi we resolved, if the taxi driver lift any phone call we will open the cab door and jumped out to save themselves run.

At the time, the money that is left is 350 thousand Dong, owned by one of our friends. Fortunately he was out of money and put it in a suitcase in the hotel. That are the only money we have. Taxi fare about 200 thousand Dong. Even if the taxi fare is not enough, we are determined to want to borrow any Malaysians who we met at the airport.

Arriving at the airport, we ask our friends in Malaysia buy flight ticket back in that day and we were able to flight at 9am.

My advice be careful while travel other country. If you wanted to be save on your long journey, do not hesitate to contact with hotel reception or travel agency. If you just went to closer place walk even if tired. Be safe!

 This photo that we taken when arriving at Vietnam. The rest at our smartphone that already stolen.

Source: TheVocket

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