This Houses In Dubai Will Make You Sleep In The Sea

Floating house of the Kleindienst Group will have 3 levels: top level, middle level and one level below the sea.

The house is equipped with a Jacuzzi set, living room kitchen, deck to sit at outside and the master bedroom is located on the bottom where you will sleep with a calm atmosphere surrounded by fish in the sea.
Marine housing project known as Floating Seahorses are very environmentally friendly because the materials used to build this house approved the maritime and this project can improve the marine ecosystem with the addition of artificial reefs.

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The house is valued at US $1.8 million (about RM7.29 million) and only 42-units house offered. If you want to buy this house, it was too late because it's already sold out.

These houses will be operating under the Tzar's Hotel and homeowners can just sit at home for two weeks this year. On other days it will be open for hire by the public. Floating Seahorses expected to be completed this year and it will be opened in 2017.

Source: ArabianBusiness

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