Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile Updated

The third most popular operating system is increasingly losing support official application in recent years but apparently Twitter not forgotten their users. Twitter Latest updates finally bring all the functionality that was previously only existed on other platforms. Reforms are as below.

  1. Moments function
  2. Private messaging groups
  3. Support Windows 10 Mobile
  4. Upload animated GIFs
  5. Upload video
  6. Function "pull to refresh"
  7. Mute function
  8. Dark theme for desktop applications

This update also appears to remove the People's Hub integration. For desktop user's, the application also supports the function "adaptive scaling" to change the interface display applications with a more dynamic and uneven. To those who seek the Twitter app design clean and light, applications for Windows 10 in our opinion is a good choice if you hate design Tweetdeck quite fibrous. 

Source: MsPowerUser

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