Dubai Start Adding 'Airport Taxes' Starting July 2016

Image source: arabiangezette

Dubai recently announced a tax will be imposed at their airport on July 1, 2016. This tax will be included in the cost of plane tickets immediately for flights on and after July 1.

Tax charged AED35, equivalent to USD9.50 per passenger and must be paid by those who fly from this airport and also a transit passenger.

Most airports encourage transit by imposing a tax exemption or very low taxation as often practiced in the UK, where transit tax exempt.

Because of this new enforcement, passengers using Dubai's Emirates and transit have to pay the same tax as those who fly out of Dubai to other destinations. But for passengers who make Dubai as the final destination with direct flights are exempted from this tax.

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Dubai airport is the busiest airport in the world and is estimated to have received 86 million passengers in 2016. Based on these, the implementation of this tax will certainly provide another source of income to the UAE.

According to the report, revenues from this tax will be used again for the purpose of overseeing and developing this airport.

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