5 GoPro Accessories You Must Have

GoPro accessories you must have to take a great shots

Gopro is like a new trend to all videographer to take the best videos for any sports, travel, video blogger and many more. It's seems like it change everything the way you create video either outdoor or underwater. The most important things that make people buy this camera because of waterproof features greater than other camera.

Beside that, it is not complete if you do not have some additional accessories for your action camera. I can said that you must have all of these accessories to create best shots from your action camera. All accessories you can buy it from amazon.

1. 3-way monopod

This is my favorite monopod, it can be used in three ways as a camera grip, extension arm or mini short tripod. Folding arm makes it easy to capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot. Beside that, handle can be detached from the arm and used as a camera grip. It's suitable for any sport or activity you can do and of course it lightweight.

2. Gopro Storage case

The most important thing is camera case, everyone needs it. This hard case can protect your camera and also to be used for keeping other accessories.

3. GoPro Protective Frame Case With Hood

GoPro Protective Frame Case With Hood an additional tool for your gopro. It can eliminate the flickering you get when the sun passes through the spinning props and onto your camera lens. Protective case suitable to use at outdoor in a sunny day and price also not to costly you can get OEM brand from aliexpress.com

4. Aluminum alloy monopod

Aluminium alloy, lightweight, usable and easy to carry at outdoor or underwater. Suitable for all underwater sports such as scuba diving, swimming pools, and many more. Material use to made this monopod are rubber, plastic and aluminium alloy so do not afraid to bring underwater because it's stainless aluminium.

5. Gopro chest strap

Keep your Gopro attached to your chest firmly and stable, easy to capture exciting video and photo footage and perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports or other outdoor sport occasions. 

With these accessories any sport can be done by yourself so get your Gopro accessories now. I how you enjoy this 5 GoPro Accessories You Must Have.

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