Apple Opens Research Lab To Improve iPhone Camera Capabilities

Last few years, iPhone was crowned as the king of the mobile device's Camera. It is used by professionals who want to take a good picture quality without to carry bulky camera equipment. In recent years the title of the best camera device goes to Samsung. In terms of image sharpness, focusing speed and ability to take pictures in dark places, Galaxy S7 easily beat iPhone 6S.

Apple Opens Research Lab at Grenoble, France

Realizing competition from other manufacturers, Apple opened a laboratory in Grenoble, France. The lab will focus on the study of optical technology to improve the ability of future iPhone camera. 800 square meters loboratory was built in collaboration with STMicroelctronics as now they are supplying various components of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Rumors about the latest generation of iPhone 7 also said that they currently improving camera features into it. We hope that apple will make a big change on their camera to get the best camera in smartphone title again.

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[Via: 9to5mac]

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