Gear VR Design For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaked

Gear VR is virtual reality device that is most popular in the world with over one million active users each month. This is likely due to purchased of Samsung devices including S7 and S7 Edge in some markets.

Samsung Gear VR New Design Leaked

In conjunction of Galaxy Note 7 launching in a few days, they seem to produce a new model for this phablet and Gear VR new design has already leaked.
Exterior design showed no significant changes except it's color to black. It was also reported Gear VR has a point of view increase to 110 degrees compared to 96 degrees before. USB-C connection is supported in Note 7. In terms of size it has also slightly larger in size 207 x 122 x 98.5mm.

Gear VR previous measures 198 x 116 x 90mm. Finally there is a MicroUSB adapter to enable this VR can be use with Galaxy S6, and S7 Note 5.

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[Via: @OnLeaks]

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