iPhone 7 Back Casing Look Like - Improvement For Camera?

Apple is expected to introduce their new generation smartphone iPhone 7 around September 2016. Various reports have said it will maintain a key design like the iPhone 6S before, but with some minor changes.

Now, a picture back casing of the new generation iPhone is present, the possibility of how the new iPhone will appear.

Speak about it, this back casing shows the design of such existing iPhone. However, one of the major changes that appear in this back casing is the camera lens larger than before.

It also shows Apple may update this time focusing on the characteristics of the camera. Use a large lens is expected to enable users to capture beautiful images in low-light conditions. On this day, some others smartphone camera capture pictures more beautiful in the dim light compared to the iPhone, and Apple might want to resolve the issue.

Apple iPhone 7 is also not expected to include support for audio-jack port, requiring user to connect their audio accessory via Bluetooth or using the same connector on the charging port USB-C.

For the 5.5 inch model, there have also been rumors of a new Smart Connector on the back side of the device and it’s still unclear what functionality the Smart Connector would provide, perhaps related to ‘wireless’ charging of some kind.

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[Via: 9to5mac]

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