Latest iPhone 7, Plus and Pro Photo Leaked

iPhone 7 Pro Photo Leaked alongside iPhone 7 and Plus

The latest photos leaked spotted on weibo china social media recently shows a three model lineup of the next generation of iPhone.

Those photo are not has been confirm yet, but there a report of the third model of iPhone besides iPhone 7 and plus before. Pro version still maintain the same size as plus version 5.5-inch and it has a double camera.
On last month report there a news from China media said that iPhone 7 Pro are being planned with new capacity options 64/128/256 GB.

Beside that, the uploader also included a shot back cover of the device that shows "S" branding at the bottom same as previous version of iPhone 6S. Apple always do minor update and changes of their devices once a year and there will be a big minor updates on this year.

On our previous news on iPhone 7, apple has change larger camera but it expected only for 5.5-inch variation.

It's still unclear what exactly apple has been planned for their new generation smartphone. We will see new report about it soon. We will update it here. Stay tuned!

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[Via: iphoneabonnementen]

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