Lazada and Alibaba Founder Introduces Their Own Electric Cars

Alibaba was a famous name in the e-commerce arena. It makes it easier for consumers to obtain the goods from the manufacturers in China while Alibaba also a large internet company in China, and has invest in other companies, including Lazada.

Recently, Alibaba has already introduced their own smart vehicles that were present with the integration of the Internet. Alibaba develop their smart vehicles along SAIC Motor Corp is one of the car manufacturers from China, and it uses the operating system YunOS from Alibaba. For the record, the operating system YunOS also generate a number of other smart devices, such as refrigerators, electronic equipment and so on.

Through the use of these operating systems, this OS'Car RX5 can understand voice commands for example to control the song and others. This car also comes with it's own unique ID which can be used to make oil payment via Alipay, or make some other purchases like coffee and everything that can be paid by Alipay.

Alibaba said that they not build "internet in the car" instead of "car in the internet".

This OS'Car RX5 can be pre-booked and purchased in China at a starting price RMB99800 (US$14,912).

[Via: Alizila]

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