Netflix Introducing Flixtape Function

Netflix is one of the popular movie and TV-Series streaming service around the world. You can download their application through any smart TV and watch online any movies with monthly fee. Most recently, Netflix introduced a Flixtape function.

User can generate their own Flixtape list

Flixtape allows users to generate and lists the television program or movie is based on a theme or genre. Users easily can share their Flixtape list with friends through social networking sites or other messaging services.
Through Flixtape, users can add up to 6 movies or television shows to a list. Netflix is also ready to generate a list of shows and movies for all users when browsing Flixtape website by some genre to give you an idea how this new function can be used.

For those of you who prefer to use Netflix, could check this Flixtape function today and start sharing your favorite shows and movies with other partners.

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[Via: Flixtape]

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