Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Launch on August 2

Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled August 2

Samsung confirmed this phablet will be launched in New York at the Samsung Unpacked 2016 New York. The secret of the design and specification Note 7 has been leaked. For the first time Samsung jumped one number in the naming of the device. Galaxy Note 7 Also expected is their first phablet with dual-curved screen from Samsung.

Talking about Note 7, Samsung said it would align the use of the serial number on their device family, while also offering the complete series of Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy S7 S7 Edge before.

Note 7 Specification

Others Note 7 specifications is the screen size 5.7" SAMOLED QHD, eyes scanning system and improved stylus. In terms of optical power it is believed to be using the same camera as used on the Galaxy S7 and it's one of the best cameras on smart devices now. Any speculation about the full Note 7 specifications will unveil less than a month.

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  1. alamak.. kne jual la samsung note 5 aku nie.. ehehe


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