Samsung Introduces Galaxy S7 Edge Limited Edition Olympic Theme

Today, Samsung introduced another special edition of their smartphones, which is the  Olympic Games Rio 2016 theme. It brought various offerings and specifications are similar but with a slight addition of fiction-themed content and also the Olympics.

Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic special edition comes with the Olympic logo design on the back, while also using a different color theme of the Olympics on the button and the speaker.

This smart phone comes with the official Rio 2016 application developed by Samsung and offers various updates during the Olympics. This application will also be offered for free to all users via the Google Play Store.
With the introduction of this, Samsung announced they will offer over 12,500 Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition Gear IconX and also to all athletes in Rio 2016 - at the same time making it easier to stay in touch and communicate with family members and friends.

Samsung also will offer a special edition Olympics smartphone is limited in some selected countries starting this July 18, 2016. Selling price is still not known yet. Previously, Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice edition at RM4099 in Malaysia which also comes with Gear VR.

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[Via: Samsung]


  1. I like the latest phone by Samsung. Exclusive and the function is easy to use.

    1. Big improvement on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

  2. they claim S7 edge is 1 of the best.
    i read it here :

  3. they claim S7 edge is 1 of the best.
    i read it here :


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