Samsung Introduces UFS Memory Card

Micro-SD card today is not something new. It is widely used in various types of devices from laptops, smartphones, and so on. For those of you who are wondering what will comes after the micro-SD, now Samsung has the answer.

Samsung today introduced the UFS memory card - which offers capacities from 32GB to 256GB, but at the same time comes with the ability to read and write, which is many times faster than the ordinary micro-SD card.
UFS (Universal Flash Storage) has previously been used by Samsung in the smartphone Galaxy S6 for primary storage device. However, with the introduction of UFS memory card, we may see a change coming in the next smartphone.

This is because the UFS memory card using a different design with a micro-SD card, make different support needed to use it. With smart phones that focus on the size of a thinner, we might just be seeing the UFS memory card support only in the future to replace micro-SD card.

Samsung targeted UFS memory card usage is growing with demand nowadays that require writing and reading much faster and it's better to record video in 4K or 360-degrees.

Samsung currently has not announced the price and when it will be sold widely in the market.

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[Via: Samsung]


  1. Wow.. seems a must have gadget as woman do have many things need to store (you know, selfie photos most of the time ^^""). Too bad I might not able to have it as my Samsung Note 5 don't accept external memory >.<

  2. Can it be use for Camera? I need it more on my own camera if compare to phone.

    1. Currently this UFS card on design for Samsung smartphone.

  3. wow!learnt new gadget from your sharing here, UFS memory card and for Samsung users, will share with my cousins as their whole family is Samsung supporters :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Will update new gadget soon. :)


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