Scientists Discover Big Size Planet Which Has Three Suns

In the field of space, a variety of new planets can be found, but it is still difficult to achieve by humans since long distance. Most recently, a new planet was known by the name HD 131399Ab has been found that is 340 light years from Earth.

Planet HD 131399Ab is said to be four times larger than the planet Jupiter, and its orbit is doubled when compared to Pluto. Apart from its size, one of the things that makes this planet is that it is located in a system of three stars or sun.
The planet HD 131399Ab around a star, but at the same time in the system there are two more sun orbiting together in the same system.

This makes at a time, the planet HD 131399Ab surrounded by three stars at a time when in orbit make it possible to experience the sunrise, or experienced during the day time in a season. Given the size of its orbit is very large, then there are times when it takes hundreds of years.

This invention is still at an early stage, and scientists will continue to monitor it to see if its orbit is stable, and at the same time collecting a variety of information related to it.

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[Via: Nasa]

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