Twitter CEO Account, Jack Dorsey Hacked by OurMine

Lately, social services account owned by some internet service executives has been a targeted by hackers, and some popular accounts belonging to individuals have been victimized. Lastly, one of the newest social networking account was hacked, and that accounts belong to CEO of Twitter itself, Jack Dorsey.

Hacking is done by OurMine, who had previously hacked Mark Zuckerberg social accounts and also Sundar Pichai Quora account.

However, Jack Dorsey account has now returned to normal and Tweet replies when it's been hacked has already deleted.

For those of you who are using any social services, you are advised to enable dual-factor authentication support while also de-activate any support for applications and services that are not used to have access to your social accounts.

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[Via: Engadget]

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