Flow iMac: iMac Concept With Touch Screen and Fingerprint Scanner

iMac Concept With Touch Screen and Fingerprint Scanner

Windows computers with touchscreens have been around in the market in large numbers over the past three years. Touch screen technology is now mature enough and the majority of users have not awkward to use interface with touch. This is because we spend many hours using smart mobile devices.
Macintosh computers are still not using this technology. Mac OS X operating system is not designed to be used with the touch of a finger. As long as this is not done, as long as that MacBook, Mac Pro and iMac will only be used with a trackpad, keyboard and mouse.

iMac Flow is a iMac concept with a touch screen and fingerprint scanner system built-in. It retains the classic design of the iMac Sir Jony Ive technology that has been used more 21st century. This concept developed by Herman HayDin an artist from Ukraine.

[Via: Behance]

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