Huawei Wants to Bypassing Apple Device Manufacturers as Second Largest in Two Years

Huawei is currently in third place in the list of the world's largest device manufacturers. With a market share of 9%, it is now behind Apple (12%) and Samsung (20.1%). The difference is not so much between Huawei and Apple's inspiring that they target a second place in two years. This was announced by Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's consumer business in an interview with Reuters yesterday.

He added that Huawei has advantages in technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and AR compared to Apple. The advantage of this will be a springboard to overtake Apple in the future. In the third quarter just ended Huawei sold 33.6 million devices. Apple also sold 45.5 million devices. Unlike Huawei, iPhone and iPad sales declining year by year. Last year they aim to become the world's largest device manufacturers in the past five years.
The targets set by Richard Yu may be funny of some Apple fans. But we must remember that only ten years ago Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola is the world's largest production trinity mobile devices. Now they no longer exist, dying or being ready for Phoenix to rise.

[Via: Reuters]

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