WiFi passwords from Airports around the World - Good benefit for Travelers

If you travel a lot, internet is a necessity for every traveler wherever you are. One place where people get access to the internet is an airport, but, most airports have wifi with password. We have solution for that.

WiFi passwords from Airports around the World

Created by Anil Polat, this map marks many of the airports found across the world with a plane icon. Click any spot and you get the passwords you need to certain Wi-Fi hotspots in the airports there.

Besides that, you also can contribute WiFi password from others Airports, There's a tool for it. Premium airport lounge also available at this website.

*Note: The passwords are crowd-sourced by the public, so it is constantly updated.

Apps available for both Android & iOS it cost $1.99

[Via: Foxnomad]

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