(Concept) MacBook Pro 2018 With Apple Pencil Support

MacBook Pro 2017 brings innovation in the form of Touchbar that can be used as a quick shortcut to various programs. As a result, sales of MacBook Pro surged despite some say Touchbar is unnecessary gimmicks function for professional users.

According to Daniel Brunsteiner a designer from the United States, MacBook Pro 2018 with Apple Pencil support must replace the entire physical keyboard by a touch panel with haptic support. In typing mode touchpad will display the QWERTY keyboard. Haptic system of enhanced haptic Engine will give you the sensation of typing on a physical keyboard. This function is already available on the Lenovo Yoga Book.

What makes this MacBook Pro 2018 looks interesting is that users only need to scroll the screen to turn off the display and the QWERTY keyboard and the entire surface of the tablet now supports Apple Pencil for drawing. Now, MacBook Pro has a surface area to do sketch as a Wacom Intuous.


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