Schematic for iPhone 8 leaked

General note "iPhone 8" which will be launched this year is special because it celebrates the 10th anniversary of its launch. Design of this device may eventually leaked through a schematic design.

Three interesting things that can be seen. First, absence of a physical home button on the chin. Overall the front of the device is a flat now. This means that Apple might use a fingerprint scanner built-in screens developed by Synaptics. It is designed to be used by the Galaxy S8 but as a prototype produced by Synaptics unsatisfactory and Samsung put the scanner on the back panel.

Second is a dual-camera configuration, which is now vertical. According to some sources this is to enable iPhone 8 supports some new AR functionality that will be introduced. Tim Cook himself insists AR technology is more important than VR. Maybe iPhone 8 Apple is the first device that supports AR.

Finally, it used more than one camera on the front. It is believed that the camera system is capable of scanning user's face in 3D for a new unlock system. Last February, Apple took over the face scan firm called RealFace. How true is this schematic is unknown. But if all the above functions into reality, the iPhone 8 is a suitable device to celebrate 10th iPhone anniversary.


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